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Anthony Delevoe

Hello, my name is Anthony Delevoe, and I am the Physical Education Assistant Teacher here at Tapestry. I was born and raised in South Florida, but a few years ago I moved here to metro Atlanta to attend college. I graduated from Clayton State University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Health and Fitness Management and a minor in Business Administration.

I truly believe that health is a major component in daily living and one of the most important aspects of life. I enjoy educating and inspiring children to obtain a long lasting healthy lifestyle. With experience as a former recreational and AAU basketball coach, I have high expectations for each student; I do not expect each child to be the best at everything, but I do expect them to do their best. Prior to my employment with Tapestry, I had the pleasure of strength training athletes, senior citizens, and students with exceptionalities in a small group setting. During physical education, I have witnessed many students benefit from the knowledge and activity the setting provides. I am looking forward to helping each student become more active and health conscience as this year progresses.