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Jamie Prince

Jamie Prince began his journey in Special Education as a behaviorist in Athens, Georgia in 2000 by working at a non-profit that supported individuals with developmental disabilities. During that time, Jamie helped establish transition plans for his case load including teaching job skills, daily living skills, and promoting independent living. This allowed Jamie to expand his experience to working in a school setting, where he worked for eight years at a Special Education School for the Cobb County School District. During his tenure there, Jamie worked in the classroom focusing on behavioral management: helping students with various types of neurological and spectrum disorders transition from a restrictive environment to a more traditional school setting. Jamie believes that building strong relationships with his students through trust, instilling responsibility, and promoting independence will help establish a foundation for success, not only in the classroom but in the community as well.

In Jamie’s free time, he enjoys going to concerts. Jamie’s love of music has taken him all over the United States, where he has seen concerts in all the lower 48 states. Jamie enjoys fly-fishing, camping, cooking, and spending time with his partner in crime, Melissa, and his cat Pablo.