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Joshua Van Kirk

Joshua Van Kirk is a recent transplant from Brooklyn, NY (though he grew up in Alabama). He spent his undergraduate years at the University of Delaware (B.A. History, 2004) and earned an M.A. in Social Studies Education from NYU in 2010. A lifelong student of history, Joshua has a particular interest in early modern European and colonial (North and South American) history as well as the cultural and social history of Appalachia.

Most recently, Joshua served as Executive Director of the Wyckoff House Museum – NYC’s oldest building and first historic landmark. An avid traveler, he’s visited 42 of the 50 states and has been to 16 countries in the last 10 years, including significant time spent studying and/or teaching in the UK and Peru. In his spare time, Joshua enjoys road trips, hiking, antiquing, and historical research. He is currently working on two transcription projects – one of early vital records in West Virginia (for digital archival publication) and the other a pet project of transcribing recently discovered letters exchanged between his grandparents in the US and the Panama Canal Zone during World War II.