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College Admission Requirements at Georgia Universities

The College Board and ACT have suspended all upcoming ACT and SAT testing dates indefinitely.  As a result, the Chancellor of the University System of Georgia has approved a temporary adjustment to the admissions criteria that allows institutions to approve students for admission if they do not have ACT or SAT scores.  

Prospective first year students must meet all other admission requirements, including satisfactory completion of the required high school curriculum.  In the absence of ACT and/or SAT scores, institutions will make admissions eligibility decisions based on the materials submitted by the prospective student, utilizing newly calculated high school grade point average thresholds. 

This change does not affect Georgia Institute of Technology and the University of Georgia.  Institutions, at their discretion, may reconsider applicants previously denied for admission to the summer or fall 2020 terms. 

Contact the admissions office at the colleges and universities for more information.