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3130 Raymond Dr

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Barbara Boone

Prior to coming to Tapestry, Mrs. Boone was the Director of Instruction and Curriculum for San Diego County schools in California, directing the professional learning experiences for teachers throughout the county. In addition, she brings 16 years of experience as a principal and four years as a vice principal in a variety of public school settings, including high performing schools and Title I schools. She also has 15 years of combined experience teaching in both classroom and resource settings.

Notably, Mrs. Boone was principal at Crown Point Junior Music Academy in San Diego as it transitioned from a small neighborhood school to a music magnet school and from having segregated special education classes to full inclusion for students with special needs.

Mrs. Boone holds a BA in Liberal Studies from California State University, an MA in Special Education from San Diego State University, certifications in multiple subjects and administrative services. Ms. Boone is also the mother of two adult children.

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