3130 Raymond Dr

Atlanta, GA 30340

8:30am - 3:30pm

Monday - Friday


3130 Raymond Dr

Atlanta, GA 30340

8:30am -3:30pm


Innovative - Individualized - Inclusive

Ms. Shusheela Turaga

Shusheela Turaga joined the Tapestry community in 2017. She has an Undergraduate degree in Speech and Language Pathology and Audiology and a Graduate degree in Special Education with a concentration in Science. She is currently the Tapestry Lead Teacher for High school Special Education.

Shusheela is an animal lover and a strong advocate for teaching students to take care of their environment and all its creatures. In the classroom, Shusheela encourages students to make informed decisions and think about their impact on the world around them.

Shusheela is passionate about teaching diverse learners and believes every student has significant insight to offer the classroom. Guiding students on their path to growth is a source of joy and pride for her and is looking forward to another wonderful year at Tapestry.